Kapzul Multi-Media Theaterz (KMT)


Are you tired of shutdown Movie Theaters?

Are you tired of letting the Covid-19 pandemic control our lives?

Are you tired of being stuck in the house with nothing to do?

If yes, you may be able to help us at Nerdee’s World, do something about it. is part of a bigger goal. Profits from are going into a revolutionary new Multi-Media Theater project. Please visit our GoFundMe page @

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Maybe changes to our Entertainment Industry are long overdue. The way the Movie Industry has delivered its products over the ages has not changed much since the beginning. Traditional Movie Theaters were built in an age where digital Entertainment and modern technology was not available. In the beginning, A video screen, audio from speakers, and several rows of seats were all that was available. So why is it, with all the advances in technology today, must we still settle for the same old Movie experience? With all the safety concerns and restrictions that traditional Movie Theaters have to offer, maybe it is time we made some changes, and eliminated these concerns.


Time is precious. The time we spend with our families is irreplaceable. When people choose to go out and be entertained, they want only the best experience possible. Also, people want to feel safe. Nobody wants to go out to a large public gathering and question how safe their surrounding environment is. That should never be something that crosses a person’s mind. Watching a movie or enjoying a sporting event with loved ones is sacred time, and it should be treated as such. Nobody goes out to a Movie Theater or goes out to a sporting event because they want to enjoy a subpar experience and a mass of inconveniences. People go out and want the best and most safe entertainment experience possible.


A new company called Nerdee’s World, is in the innovation business. Nerdee’s has come up with solutions that will not only solve the safety concerns we face today in large public entertainment gatherings, but they have also figured out how to optimize our entertainment experience. Now every day, hardworking, normal people can enjoy the superior entertainment experience that was once only afforded to the rich and wealthy.


If you are a fan of Movies, Sports & or Video Games, you may be interested in what the people at Nerdee’s World have come up with, and how you can help make it happen. Please think about the questions below and ask yourself if changes are needed.


What happened to the Movie Industry?


Why are all the Movie Theaters shutdown?


Why must the entire Movie industry completely shut down and kill a whole sector of our economy, and nothing is being done about it?


Why didn’t the Entertainment and Movie Industries think ahead and prepare us for this?


Why is it that the people in the communities have to suffer economically (with job loss, lost tax revenue, lost opportunities, and lack of available entertainment options) because of the Movie Industries lack of preparedness?


And why has the Movie Industry not ever addressed the inconveniences that people often complain about when visiting a traditional Movie Theater?


What is it with Movie Theaters these days and why hasn’t anything changed?


Why is technology all around us advancing, but my local theater has not changed since 1972?


Why does my television at home have Ultra 4k High definition, but my local Theater has low resolution, pixelated, grainy film?



Nerdee’s World wonders if you are tired of the inferior Entertainment experience traditional Movie Theaters have to offer and want to know if you are willing to help them do something about it. Below is a list of some issues we have with traditional Movie Theaters and we are wondering if you are tired of it too.


Are you:


Tired of closed Movie Theaters due to lack of “social distancing” options?


Tired of waiting in lines for tickets and popcorn?


Tired of missing the showtimes?


Tired of walking into a Theater at the last minute and having to sit up front?


Tired of sold out Theaters?


Tired of overcrowded Theaters and having to find undesirable seats scattered apart from your friends and family?


Tired of sitting next to that lady who will not stop asking questions throughout the whole movie?


Tired of sitting next to the guy who did not bother showering today?


Tired of sitting next to the other guy who sounds like he has a bottomless bucket of popcorn because he has been non-stop smacking his lips for the last 2 hours of the movie?


Tired of sitting next to the other, other guy, who believes his soda is not finished until all the liquid is completely slurped off the bottom of the cup?


Tired of sitting next to the kids who will not stop giggling and kicking the back of your seat?


Tired of the teenagers kicking up their feet onto the backs of your chair?


Tired of the people ripping “silently but dead-lies” throughout the whole movie because they refuse to use the restroom?


Tired of seeing people standing up in front of the Movie Screen looking for family members during the best parts of the movie?


Tired of sitting next to the family of 4 who needs to use the restroom every 2 minutes, making you squeeze into your chair like an anchovy in a can?


Tired of not knowing and wondering if the guy in front of you who keeps mumbling to himself throughout the whole movie has finally hit his breaking point and is ready to go postal?


Tired of the people who decided to save every good seat in an “empty” Theater?


Tired of having to show up to a movie an hour early just to get a good seat?


Tired of sitting up front in a Theater and feeling a sore neck for weeks after watching a movie?


Tired of every time you finally have a free day and want to spontaneously catch a movie, there is always only 2 or 3 seats left in an overcrowded theater?


Tired of being the lucky one who gets to sit directly under the AC, and oh yea, you forgot to bring a sweater or jacket?


Tired of the couple making out in front you?


Tired of the guy who cannot wait to leave the theater before sparking up his doobie?


Tired of other people bickering and fighting about saved seats?


Tired of never being able to get the seat you actually want?


Tired of having to watch 100 trailers before your movie begins?


Tired of holding your bladder until the end of the movie and suffering in pain?


Tired of using the bathroom in the middle of a movie and missing the best part?


Tired of having a million entertainment options at home, but limited to only 1 when visiting a theater?


Tired of just not being able to enjoy a movie anymore at all????


Tired of all these issues and how the Movie Industry doesn’t care if you are tired?


Tired of being “tired”?


And one more question, why has the Movie, Sports and Gaming Industries never teamed up to bring all the great entertainment to one place?


Finally Nerdee’s World, has an answer to all these issues! The new Technology & Innovation company out of the San Francisco Bay Area called Nerdee’s World, has come up with a solution to all of these Entertainment Industry issues. Nerdee’s World has re-designed the traditional Movie Theater and has come up with a new innovated way to satisfy all your Entertainment needs in one place! Nerdee’s World has revolutionized the Entertainment Industry and has created a plan for NEW modernized Entertainment Theaters that will provide a private, safe, interactive and fully customizable superior experience like no other.


Nerdee’s World is developing brand new state of the art Entertainment rooms or pod like structures called Kapzuls (Patent Pending). Kapzuls are an all enclosed, private, fully interactive, insanely immersive, entertainment or multi-media rooms. Much like a traditional Theater, you will be able to catch all the latest movies. However, at Kapzul Multi-Media Theaterz, these Kapzuls will also give you the option to watch a sporting event, play the newest hit video games, or even have a Virtual Reality (VR) experience with friends and family. Kapzuls are loaded with all the latest technology, including a brand-new groundbreaking invention called Kapzul Klimate Simulator or KKS, that will add to the immersion and comfort of each entertainment experience. KKS is a new development created by Nerdee’s World, that introduces another element of immersion through realistic climate simulation controls. Customers will be able to manually setup their personal Kapzul Klimate for desired comfort, or they can allow the movie or game control what you feel! If you watch a movie about Antarctica, bring a jacket! It may get cold and windy!! If you watch a movie about the Sahara Desert, do not forget your sunblock! Not only do Kapzuls allow for the immersion element of climate control, but they also have full motion feedback, so if you are watching a car chase, be sure your seatbelt is on, it may be a bumpy ride! Along with Climate and motion, Kapzuls will deliver the most powerful surround sound and high definition video experiences possible. There are speakers in the ground and all-around visuals that encapsulate the viewers. The immersion possibilities that Kapzuls deliver, is unlike anything ever experienced before. The best part is, that each Kapzul will be fully interactive and customizable to each individual party. There are no restrictions on how each customer enjoys their entertainment experience. And since each Kapzul is private, it eliminates all of the annoyances that we once had to deal with, along with the added benefits of “social distancing” and eliminating the fears of mass violence in large crowded spaces.


Kapzul Multi-Media Theaterz or KMT, are engineered and constructed much like modern hotels. Each Kapzul (entertainment room), is much like a private hotel room. Customers will be given an access key to their private Kapzul, and they will have the space for themselves and their loved ones to enjoy a fully customizable entertainment experience, set around their schedule and liking. Kapzuls will be built in different setups and themes, offering anything from a thrill-ride type experience, to a laid back comfortable, kick off your shoes, type relaxing experience. With KMT the choice is ultimately up to you, not the theater. Some Kapzuls will ressemble a ride, like being in a cockpit of a racecar or jet. While some Kapzuls will be built for comfort, resembling an extremely luxurious Home Theater, much like what a billionaire would show off in their homes on TV. Kapzuls will now give everyday people the chance to have these experiences, that only the rich and wealthy had. No more having to fly across country to an expensive amusement park, wait in line for 2 hours for a 2-minute experience like this. The goal is to replace traditional Movie Theaters with KMT Theaters, so everyone, in every town, can have an extremely safe and superior entertainment experience at any given moment.


Just imagine it. Being able to go out, either by yourself, or with your loved ones, rent out a Kapzul for a few hours, all day or all night, having the choice to immerse yourself in the newest Video Game World, watch a Baseball, Football or Basketball game, and feel like you are sitting courts side or in the first row, or watching the latest blockbuster movie in all its glory. Imagine being able to interact with your room and environment, by changing the lighting, the climate, the intensity of motion feedback, the volume and have the ability to stop, pause, rewind or completely change what you are watching with the push of a button on an interactive tablet programmed to each Kapzul. Imagine being able to walk freely around our Virtual Reality Kapzuls with friends and family enjoying the same out-of-this-world experience or finally getting the chance to play a VR game all together in one place. With Kapzul Multi-Media Theaterz, the opportunities are endless, and while each room is private and equipped with superior air filtration, much like a hospital, you can rest assured your entertainment experience will be a safe and comfortable one.


Kapzul Multi-Media Theaterz will have many Kapzul or room type structures and theme options. The smaller sized Kapzuls will be modeled in 2 different styles, one being an immersive pod like structure, much like a thrill ride. The other structure model available, will resemble a comfortable, luxurious home theater or box suite, where many amenities, including private bathrooms, tables, lounges, couches, wet bars and more will be available depending on the package purchased. Kapzuls will consist of the following sizes: 1 person pod(only), 2 person pod/room, 4-6 person pod/room, 6-10 person sized family rooms, 10-15 person sized suites or small theaters, 15-30 person sized suites for larger gatherings, offering small “game rooms” and “small theaters” for party’s and larger events. Kapzul Multi-Media Theaterz will be the only way you will want to experience your entertainment from here on out.


As you might imagine, this plan to revolutionize the Entertainment Industry will be costly. We are a brand-new company with limited resources, and the only way we can make these goals come true are with the help of investors and the public at large. If you like what you hear and would like to contribute to Kapzul Multi-Media Theaterz coming to your hometown, please donate in any amount you can afford today. If you are an investor, or company that is interested in helping make these ideas come to life, please email or Also please visit the Nerdee’s e-Commerce store @ and make a purchase on any of the items you like. Much of the proceeds from are being used to fund the Kapzul Multi-Media Theaterz project.



So stay tuned and please follow Nerdee’s World and Kapzul Multi-Media Theaterz @  for the latest up to date information on how our journey to revolutionize the Entertainment Industry is progressing.  Like us and follow us on all our social media pages, sign up for our newsletters, subscribe and stay tuned for Kapzul launch!

Thank you for your support!

Note: The ideas and concepts described herein are those of Nerdee’s World. The concept, methods and ideas are patent pending. Any attempt to steal, copy, sell, imitate or use these ideas without permission of Nerdee’s World will be subject to legal action.