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Nerdee's is looking for contributors, partners, influencers, affiliates & more! Join the Nerdee's community today!

Micro and Nano Influencer Opportunity @ :

EASY MONEY, FREE STUFF, MORE EXPOSURE: Here is an opportunity for any and all Nano and Micro influencers looking to join the Nerdee's community, make EASY MONEY and earn FREE stuff. Read our Influencer contract below and message us on IG @nerdeesworld or if interested and for more info on how to apply.

Nerdee’s Micro & Nano Influencer Contract:

Nerdee’s is building a community, and we need your help to accomplish these goals and to be able to provide the best products and content available anywhere, for everyone to enjoy. We are looking for the best, brightest and most loyal supporters of our brand and community to work with. We feel that working with passionate people that are dedicated to our community and our cause will only bring out the best in who we are, and what we can all accomplish together. Due to the high amount of interest, Nerdee’s has setup a recruiting system to reward our most loyal and hard working supporters, and basically open this opportunity to everyone. As an additional note to consider for new influencers, this is a way to get company backing, boosting your creditability to your followers. We may even post some of your content across our social channels, giving you a boost in exposure to our significant audience. We are proud to announce that we broke a record on Influence.Co in the amount of interested influencers wanting to rep our brand in less than 24 hours!

Below are the normal reward steps for gifts and earning commission on sales:

We will supply you with your own personal discount code. Attach the code to the post/video/stream you create and display it on any or all social channels you manage (FB, IG, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitch, Tiktok, Twitter, SnapChat, Tumblr, Flickr, Discord,, Patreon, Mobcrush, etc.) The more reach, the more possibilities for up sales and the quicker you will move up our ranks. With every post, please use the hashtag #nerdeesworld and tag our IG account @nerdeesworld.

Please notify of us of any posts you create, and depending on our workload, we can even work together on ideas and content if needed. We may even post some of your content across our social channels, giving you a boost in exposure to our 100k reach and growing.

After 20 up sale orders have processed using your specific discount code, we will contact you and arrange for free gifts from us. (Free gifts will be Nerdee’s apparel based, including skateboard decks, and or, our custom design services – up to $100 in value)

After 100 up sale orders have processed using your promo code, we will contact you and arrange a commission deal contract on sales and posts. Each contract will be different and be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

As a Nerdee’s partner and contributor, we will work with you on content if desired, and we will even supply you with content for your posts if desired. Feel free to be as creative as you like to promote the Nerdee’s brand.

(Note: Please do NOT associate Nerdee’s with any political statements, harassment of others, anything offensive in nature, illegal, pornographic or any other content we may object to. Once this policy has been violated, we may give you a warning, or revoke your privilege of working with or for the Nerdee’s brand, and any and all contracts will be null & void immediately. Once this occurs, you will no longer have our permission to use our brand in your posts. Thank you for understanding)

We are also looking for contributors. Whether we have arrangements on a partnership or not, we welcome your cool content (videos & art) that is suitable for social media, Youtube, Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and these related social channels. 

Any other influencers seeking additional exposure through our channels, with our gear, please use the hashtag #nerdeesworld and tag our IG account @nerdeesworld in any posts for the chance to be featured on our page, FB ads, email, campaigns, and so on.

Nerdee's is also looking for volunteers, employees, suppliers, manufactures and anyone else interested in helping expand the Nerdee's community and our mission. The more help we get from you, the more we can help each other and the Nerdee's community. We welcome your content, volunteer help, ideas and donations.

If you have other ideas on how you can contribute or work with us, we would love to hear it. Our company is constantly growing and adding more content, so we are open to anything.

Join the Nerdee's family today and let's make people smile together!

If you are interested in becoming a Nerdee’s partner please contact us and send your info to

If you would like to be a Nerdee's contributor and would like to submit content that will be posted on all of our sites or used on our merchandise (example: art & videos), send it to:  

If you are interested in volunteering with Nerdee's, send your info to 

 If you are interested in a job with Nerdee's send your resume and info to

Who we are looking for: We are looking for volunteers and employees with social media skills, marketing skills, video editors, web page editors, content creators, artists, comic book artists, publicists, writers, eCommerce specialists, graphic artists, photographers, models (interested in modeling Nerdee's clothing), YouTube reviewers and content creators, Twitch gamers, skaters, pro and amateur athletes, product suppliers, manufacturers, toy creators, animators, 3D artists, marketing management, website management, investors, donators. If you are anyone one these people interested in an opportunity with Nerdee's, please send your info to any of the appropriate emails that apply to you.

Nerdee's is a growing store and community. In order to create the ultimate store for you and offer our continued support to the creative community we need your help. If you would like to donate to the Nerdee's community and help advance our cause or contribute to the online store expansion, we would appreciate and kindly accept all donations sent to:


Examples of content contributions:

Art, comic & cartoon art, videos, funny videos, funny video game clips, skating videos, photography and stock photos, photos of Nerdee's modeled products, Nerdee's promotion art & videos. Original content ONLY! 

Please do NOT send pornographic or mature content, art or videos. Do NOT send illegal content, drug content, political content, product promotion content. Do Not send copywrite protected content. Do NOT send any content that violates Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr or any other social media sites policies.